Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fancy scrambled eggs

Ok, they're not fancy, and I'm sure I'm not the first person to come up with this either, but I feel kind of silly for not thinking it sooner! Since we started eating healthy, my breakfast options dwindled significantly...like, no more cereal, sandwiches, oatmeal (yuck, anyway), french toast, etc.
So the go to is eggs, and usually scrambled because what's easier?
But eating eggs day in and day out gets SUPER boring so I just starting throwing stuff in.
First I started easy with "omelet" ingredients. I threw in a little green pepper and onion and called it a day. There are so many things that you can do with scrambled eggs, it's not even funny. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Cheese (duh!) green peppers, onions, and ham
2. fresh spinach (this was super good)
3. oregano (gives it just a little extra kick - it's all it needs)
4. asparagus (goes good as a side with plain scrambled eggs)
5. top with homemade salsa
6. top with avocado

What do you put in your scrambled eggs?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Sticking to your mommy guns

My poor little blog. I promise I didn't forget about you! ...
But just as I sit down to write, the baby wakes up. Every.Single.Time.
As a matter of fact, it happened again just now, and I thought "there goes that post," but she's back in her crib for now.

About a month ago, baby was super constipated. Ten days constipated. I was starting to get a little worried so I called her pediatrician. She was out of the office (aren't they always when you need something?) and the on call doctor said to give her Karo syrup. I wasn't familiar with it, but the word 'syrup' already rubbed me the wrong way. After looking it up, I saw it was straight corn syrup. ...no thanks!
Our pediatrician knows us. She may not always agree with everything, but she knows the type of parents we are, and what we will and will not tolerate. She tells us what she will and won't tolerate, and we meet somewhere in the middle. It works for us. So I call back and tell the nurse that I'm not giving my child straight corn syrup and does she have any more "natural" alternatives. Our pedi had mentioned previously that she prefers not to give juice until the age of 1, so I hadn't considered prune juice at that point. This time, the nurse did not even bother to ask a doctor. I told her that baby has been eating lots of banana (hello, easy) and that I know it's possible banana is the culprit. She then said "no, no banana is completely fine and in addition to that give her toast, foods high in fiber, apple sauce, toast, etc.
She also mentioned some over the counter laxatives that were ok to give (doesn't sound natural to me).
Now, remember I do have a nursing background, but when it's your own child or family, sometimes things just go out the window.
After I got off the phone with her, I remembered the BRAT diet. This is a diet given to people who have diarrhea, to make it stop.
BRAT = Banana, Rice, Apple, Toast. THIS WOMAN had just told me to give my child all of those things - the exact opposite of what she should be having! I called back again, and asked to have a different doctor's opinion, and he assured me prune juice was just fine.
We got Knudsen's no sugar added 100% organic prune juice, and the next day, Mount Vesuvius exploded.
Was I annoying? Yes.
(could i have used a little more common sense? yes, but i have the first-time mom syndrome)
Did I really have to call a gazillion times? yes!
If something doesn't feel right, or something doesn't agree with you, continue to research and probe until you get an answer you're comfortable with.
You know your child the best, and doctor's are only human.

(I stress this to anyone with any kind of medical problem. You know your body the best. If something doesn't feel quite right, seek a second opinion. There is no harm in that.)