Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fancy scrambled eggs

Ok, they're not fancy, and I'm sure I'm not the first person to come up with this either, but I feel kind of silly for not thinking it sooner! Since we started eating healthy, my breakfast options dwindled significantly...like, no more cereal, sandwiches, oatmeal (yuck, anyway), french toast, etc.
So the go to is eggs, and usually scrambled because what's easier?
But eating eggs day in and day out gets SUPER boring so I just starting throwing stuff in.
First I started easy with "omelet" ingredients. I threw in a little green pepper and onion and called it a day. There are so many things that you can do with scrambled eggs, it's not even funny. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Cheese (duh!) green peppers, onions, and ham
2. fresh spinach (this was super good)
3. oregano (gives it just a little extra kick - it's all it needs)
4. asparagus (goes good as a side with plain scrambled eggs)
5. top with homemade salsa
6. top with avocado

What do you put in your scrambled eggs?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Sticking to your mommy guns

My poor little blog. I promise I didn't forget about you! ...
But just as I sit down to write, the baby wakes up. Every.Single.Time.
As a matter of fact, it happened again just now, and I thought "there goes that post," but she's back in her crib for now.

About a month ago, baby was super constipated. Ten days constipated. I was starting to get a little worried so I called her pediatrician. She was out of the office (aren't they always when you need something?) and the on call doctor said to give her Karo syrup. I wasn't familiar with it, but the word 'syrup' already rubbed me the wrong way. After looking it up, I saw it was straight corn syrup. ...no thanks!
Our pediatrician knows us. She may not always agree with everything, but she knows the type of parents we are, and what we will and will not tolerate. She tells us what she will and won't tolerate, and we meet somewhere in the middle. It works for us. So I call back and tell the nurse that I'm not giving my child straight corn syrup and does she have any more "natural" alternatives. Our pedi had mentioned previously that she prefers not to give juice until the age of 1, so I hadn't considered prune juice at that point. This time, the nurse did not even bother to ask a doctor. I told her that baby has been eating lots of banana (hello, easy) and that I know it's possible banana is the culprit. She then said "no, no banana is completely fine and in addition to that give her toast, foods high in fiber, apple sauce, toast, etc.
She also mentioned some over the counter laxatives that were ok to give (doesn't sound natural to me).
Now, remember I do have a nursing background, but when it's your own child or family, sometimes things just go out the window.
After I got off the phone with her, I remembered the BRAT diet. This is a diet given to people who have diarrhea, to make it stop.
BRAT = Banana, Rice, Apple, Toast. THIS WOMAN had just told me to give my child all of those things - the exact opposite of what she should be having! I called back again, and asked to have a different doctor's opinion, and he assured me prune juice was just fine.
We got Knudsen's no sugar added 100% organic prune juice, and the next day, Mount Vesuvius exploded.
Was I annoying? Yes.
(could i have used a little more common sense? yes, but i have the first-time mom syndrome)
Did I really have to call a gazillion times? yes!
If something doesn't feel right, or something doesn't agree with you, continue to research and probe until you get an answer you're comfortable with.
You know your child the best, and doctor's are only human.

(I stress this to anyone with any kind of medical problem. You know your body the best. If something doesn't feel quite right, seek a second opinion. There is no harm in that.)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Best Friends Forever

When I was little, I had two close friends, both boys. I played guns and catch with them, and theirs were the doors I went knocking on across the street when I was bored. After we moved to Germany, I had no friends for a while because I didn't speak the language. Eventually I met a girl, Tina, through one of my mom's friends. We quickly became best friends. Except, she already had a best friend. I stoically took second place, because she was my only friend in this unaccepting elementary school world in a foreign country.
Then we moved to America and I had to start on my best friend search all over. Sure, I had friends this time around, but all of them were already taken. Already imprinted with half of a BFF bracelet or necklace, already having known each other "since first grade" or "since our mom's were pregnant together." I would never have that.

Then one sunny day, this girl and I were unwillingly thrown in a car together to make a three-plus hour trip. Her, to see her boyfriend, me to see this same boy who was my friend. We hated each other. She hated me because she was convinced I was trying to steal her boyfriend, and I hated her because she intruded on my friendship with this boy. He loved both of us, and wanted us to come visit him at college, and well, wouldn't it be pointless if we drove separate?
So for the first hour, we didn't talk.
Suddenly, she pulls out a tiny, but thick book out of her purse and says "what's your birthday?" I glare, "why?" Well, because I have this book of 365 (....yea let's not say what this particular book was about...) and I want to look up what it would be on your birthday.
I sigh. "January 7th." She glares back. "No, it isn't."
Turns out we had the same birthday. We awkwardly giggled and got to know each other throughout the rest of the trip, still being weary of the other nonetheless.
Years passed, the boy went out of our lives, but we stayed in each others'. Once you find a birthday twin, you don't just stop talking to them, right?
She wasn't "best friend taken," and neither was I so we defaulted into best friendship. But, our relationship was tumultous. We're both stubborn, proud, and always right.
I've always envisioned a best friend that would come to my rescue in the middle of the night with Ben&Jerry's and new flannel pajamas after a break-up and we'd watch Julia Roberts movies together and cry and laugh and make fun of the "loser" that broke my heart.
All I got instead was a "don't be so dramatic" text message.
Um, this is not how I envisioned my best friend.
Over the years, we grew apart, grew back together, had different groups of friends, hurt each other unintentionally, and sometimes intentionally.
Almost ten years later now, I realize how very important this girl is in my life. We have both changed so much and so little. We still argue over who's right (me).
We get in a fight and don't talk to each other for days, only to have one of us shoot the other a text about how annoying a particular level on a game we're both playing is. We don't apologize. Best of all, she genuinely loves my daughter.
Though it is not a relationship from the movies, it is one I'd never trade. It is uniquely ours.
She knows what to say and when to say it. She knows my thoughts, my deepest fears and secrets.
And I have blackmail on her as well.
She doesn't bullshit or pretend. She will tell me when I'm being ridiculous and knows that I won't talk to her for a week for saying it.
It took me years to realize she is the best friend I have always wanted, and I treasure her so very much.
Love you, Les.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Homemade Salsa

Did you notice all the yuckies in store-bought salsa? All the unpronouncable ingredients and sugar.. now tell me why salsa (the one that's not SUPPOSED to be sweet) has freaking sugar in it?
Salsa is just as versatile as you can imagine, you can literally throw everything in there. We like ours a little spicy, and our favorite combination is:
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 small can of green chillies
(if those two items are in season, get them fresh!!)
1 tsp. cumin
a squeeze of lemon juice
1 tsp. dried cilantro (i'm not a huge fan of cilantro, but use fresh if you like it!)
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup sweet onion
1 clove garlic
Combine all ingredients and pulse a few times in food processor.
Enjoy knowing all the ingredients in your salsa!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Healing from within

I've been feeling a little under the weather. I know when something is coming on, and usually I will take over the counter medication to try to contain whatever is attacking my body. Being that I'm nursing though, I can't take most of the cold medication out there (nor do I want that stuff in my body anymore anyway). The only way I know how to heal my body naturally is with food. Yes, you heard right.
I'm currently reading the book It starts with food. One of the quotes that struck me:

"The food you eat either makes you more healthy or less healthy. Those are your options. There is no food neutral."

So in good food fashion I juiced a disgusting amount of fruits and vegetables and let the vitamins and nutrients do their thing. I also made a smoothie with things I'm not able to juice like banana and spinach (you can juice spinach, but I feel like I get more with the smoothie). And sure enough after just one day of feeling sluggish and that awful "I'm coming down with something" feeling, I started to get more energy, my throat wasn't as scratchy, and my nose unplugged. Two days later, I never did come down with that "something."
And the other amazing thing is, baby is getting all of this through my milk as well, rather than over the counter medications.
The power of food is amazing!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sticky Icky

You know those annoying stickers that come on products and you just.can't.get.them.off? Ugh! I gave up on this frame a long time ago, stuck my wedding picture with it and lived with the fact that the price sticker was still half-way on it.
I read  that one of my essential oils has the capability to take the sticker off, and to be honest I completely doubted it thinking"no way, NOTHING will get this darn thing off!" I had tried soap and water, vinegar, windex,... you name it, I've attacked this stupid sticker with it.
But what have I got to lose, right? I put a drop of lemon on the frame and swiped the paper towel across it not expecting anything....but it started to come off! A few swipes later, it was gone. I didn't even have to scrub!!! I'm giddy.
Here's the proof:

Follow me on facebook for more tips on how to use the oils at facebook.com/livepurely1
and to get your own oils shop at mydoterra.com/livepurely

Monday, March 18, 2013

Banana Ice Cream

The other day my mom posted this banana upside down cake recipe. Hang on while I clean up this puddle for salivating over her dessert! Since we eat gluten/grain-free, this was unfortunately a no go.
My healthy alternative?
Yummy banana ice cream that's so easy to make, you'll wonder why I even bothered posting a recipe!

3 Ripe Bananas - the riper (more ripe?) the bananas, the sweeter the ice cream will be.
1 T almond butter (or peanut butter if you prefer)

No, I didn't forget anything....

1. Cut the bananas up into small pieces, stick in a tupperware container, and freeze.
2. Try not to check the freezer every 30 minutes to see if they're frozen yet.
3. Take them out and put them in a blender and blend.
4. Blend some more.

5. Scrape the sides, mix it up, and blend some more.
6. Yep, you're still blending.
7. Once smooth, (don't give up it'll get there) add almond butter.

Oh, and don't even try to compare this to the pictures on my mom's blog, hers are far superior.

Delicious! Next time I'll experiment with flavor a bit, perhaps add some berries, or dark chocolate...mmm.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Essential Oils

I am so excited to tell you about doterra. I have just recently started looking into essential oils, and came across this company called doterra.
I originally just wanted to use essential oils to put in my homemade cleaning supplies and truly didn't realize how many other benefits they had!
I had bought peppermint and lavender essential oils from our local farmer's market and I was fine with them for that purpose. Well, when I came across doterra, I decided to go to a class and check out what it was about. I figured at the least I would learn how to use my own oils.
What I did learn is that the quality of doterra's oils is far superior to what I had bought at the farmer's market.
My lavender smelled strong, and my peppermint smelled like a peppermint patty. Little did I know that the exact opposite is what they are supposed to smell like!
doterra's lavender smells soothing and flowery and the peppermint is so potent it takes your breath away! (good for sinuses).
I learned the oils go through rigorous testing to ensure their quality. Some of the people at the class had already tried them and swore on their benefits.
I'm the type of person that's not easily "sold" on things, so I researched the company for days upon days and the more I read, the more I liked about it. There's so much more to say, but I'll leave that for a rainy day.
I'm excited to partner with doterra as an independent product consultant and to tell you more about what essential oils can do for you from medicine cabinet makeovers to cleaning supply makeovers and more!!
I will be sharing tips on how to use oils on my facebook page, so go "like" it. You know you want to! www.facebook.com/livepurely1
You can purchase oils on my website: www.mydoterra.com/livepurely
And if you have questions about the oils, contact me at: livepurely1@gmail.com

Saturday, March 9, 2013

5 easy ways to be a little greener

I am never going to become that person that doesn't use toilet paper (but kudos to you if you don't). I feel like evolution at least gave me that much. But, we've screwed up. And, it's going to take hard work to take care of this one beautiful Earth.
Here's some easy, quick ways to be a little greener. 

1. Use less paper towels. My husband is a paper towel fanatic and it's a hard habit to break I admit. I cringe every time I buy them, alas because of the price mostly, but still. I spend five bucks on some nice dish rags, and try to use those whenever possible. I do keep some on hand for the really yucky messes, and until husband stops going through withdrawals.

2. Take totes to the store. This one is so easy, yet I'd always forget to bring them!! Now I stash them in my pantry, so I know to grab them when I'm making my list before I go to the store. I noticed they can put all my groceries in four totes, but if they use plastic bags, it takes about twenty. Terrible! 

3. Buy less processed foods. Ok, this one may be easier said than done, but I have noticed a HUGE difference in the amounts of packaging I'm not throwing away anymore.

4. Use less produce bags. You know those little plastic bags you put your produce in at the store? I only use them if I have something to get weighed. I actually saw someone put bananas in a plastic bag today. What a waste. I used them for apples and plums today, but also bought a lemon, avocado, and grapes and left them out. If I'm only buying one of something (onion, garlic, etc.) I leave them out. 

5. Repurpose. Keep empty containers to use for different things. Especially if you're making a lot of your own things, keep that old lotion bottle, deodorant stick, etc. and use them to fill with your homemade lotions and potions :)

What are some quick things you do to stay green?

Friday, March 1, 2013

Cauliflower-crust pizza

When we were doing our 30 day challenge, we had a hard time finding something that would substitute pizza. We did try "meatza" which was disgusting. It was basically a crust made out of ground beef and egg and it was thick and crunchy and ..just gross. I don't know how people eat that stuff.
As we are eating mostly gluten-free and still trying to avoid grains, I was still inclined to find a reasonable substitute.
We had just gone out to get pizza the night before, and since nothing compares, I was sure this was going to be a flop. Much to my surprise, not only was this recipe delicious, but Husband even said he'd it again. (As a matter of fact, I've got a cauliflower crust, baking in the oven right now!)
We followed this recipe, but added some veggies to ours.
I highly urge you to try this yummy alternative to pizza. It's delicious.
Here's the recipe:

And here's our version:

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Revenge of the Spider

Remember THIS?
Yea, well, I think some family member came to avenge spidey.
I'm sitting on the couch trying to put baby to sleep and see something out of the corner of my eye...
I look up, and there is a spider, hanging by it's filthy little thread, staring right at me, coming down onto my face.
I scream, and jump as fast as I can off the couch and what does Husband do? ...He ducks!
He's saying "what? what?" as he is ducking and COVERING HIS HEAD!
Me: There's a spider!
Husband: still ducking... "where?"
Me: Coming down from the ceiling. Get a paper towel.
Husband: STILL ducking ...
Me: GO! Why are you ducking like somebody just dropped a bomb on the house?
Husband: Well I don't know, I thought I was getting shot at or something!


Needless to say, spidey met his maker that day, too.

Husband: Only you would have a spider drop on your head out of nowhere.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Battling the B.O.

Me: I think I'm going to stop using deodorant.
Husband: ...please don't.
Me: I already ran out about two weeks ago, and haven't worn any...
Husband: What is wrong with you?

The fact is that your body needs to sweat. Anti-perspirants (which is what most of us use) do not let your body do so by clogging up your sweat ducts. Anti-perspirants also contain Aluminum.
Aluminum has been associated with a variety of health issues including:

Breast cancer
Kidney Problems

All this so you can smell good? No, thank you.
Guess what else? Since your body absorbs it, it is then secreted through breastmilk. Just what I want!! My baby to glow green.

The truth is we used deodorant and anti-perspirant interchangeably. Anti-perspirants pose health risks, and do not let your body sweat. Deodorants allow you to sweat, but kill odor-causing bacteria. However, some deodorants also contain aluminum, so be sure to check the label.

I have looked into the dangers of aluminum containing anti-perspirants/deodorants and the studies are inconclusive. One theory is, that since your body cannot sweat, it cannot release toxins from the body, accumulating it in your lymph (hence the breast cancer association).
Others say those claims are untrue.
Regardless, I don't need for studies to prove this or that, why risk it?

I decided to give making my own deodorant a go. There a few variations to recipes, but I used what I had on hand at the time.
I mixed 2T coconut oil, 1T baking soda, and 1T cornstarch. You can add whatever essential oils you like for a nice smell.
I wanted to make a small batch at first, because I didn't know if I was going to like it, so I poured it into a small make-up container. You can also save old deodorant sticks and pour it in there as well.
To be honest, I didn't give it a fair try, but people swear by it! Next time, I think I will vary the recipe a little, add some oils, and use a different container.

For now, I have been using the crystal stick, which is all-natural and aluminum free. On the bottle it states "Approved by the American Cancer Society." Shouldn't they all be?
It's just as important what you put on your body as what you're putting in it.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cauliflower Rice

I'm happy to report that we're still eating healthy for the most part. 90% of what we consume is natural, organic, gluten-free or grain free. Yes, it is a little more expensive. No, Husband has not given up pizza.
What works for us is moderation. We allow ourselves to have pizza every now and then in exchange for not eating starches and grains every day. Also, I have stopped buying processed foods and breads. It has been an adjustment not eating sandwiches, but honestly I don't miss them all that much.
It truly has been a lifestyle change, and I don't actually have a hard time saying "no" to certain foods as I thought I would. If I do cheat, it's not for the day. It might be a meal, or a side, or something that is not a huge variation from what I eat anyway.
I actually feel better body, mind, and soul. I guess you really are what you eat!!
Since rice was a huge staple in our diet, I was happy to find Cauliflower "Rice" which more so has the consistency of couscous.

You'll need:
1 head of cauliflower
1 egg
2t Italian Seasoning
Salt and Pepper to taste
Olive oil
1 small onion
1 clove garlic

Remove stems from cauliflower and pulse in food processor until it has a "rice-y" consistency. (It really only takes seconds)
In a heated pan, saute onion and garlic with a little olive oil. Once soft, add cauliflower, egg, and seasoning. Mix everything together and keep mixing well so that the egg "scrambles." (you won't even notice it!) Cook on medium until soft.

I served my cauliflower rice with a side of shrimp ( I bought the frozen, pre-cooked kind.) You can use whatever you like, but I threw some Oregano, Parsley, Salt and Pepper, and Cumin in a bowl and tossed the shrimp in it. Then added worcestershire and lemon juice in the pan. Yum!

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Me: (singing to the baby) "she's just a girl but she's on fiiireeeeeeee......"

Husband: (to baby) "man, mommy really wears that one out"

Me: "would you rather me sing..."

Husband: (interrupts) "I'd rather you not sing anything at all."


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Challenge update

Our 30 day diet challenge ended about a week ago and I'm happy to report the results: husband lost 14 pounds and I lost 7 (darn men!)
But the best part of it is that we actually continue to eat the Paleo way most of the time. Yes, it's only been a week since we've finished and I understand most diets soon fall to the wayside, but for
 us the benefit has been huge. I personally have more energy, feel fuller longer, and obviously the weight loss has been a bonus. I actually cheated about two days before the diet ended (husband ate my lunch ...sabotage?) and had myself a bowl of pasta. The entire time it was cooking, my little carbohydrate loving heart was sighing sounds of love and endearment ...and then.... It didn't taste so good..and it made my stomach hurt...and I was hungry a mere hour later. Drats!

Here's a quickie recipe for my go to breakfast and quick lunch :
(There's a few varieties of this recipe floating around the Internet, but I tweaked a few things and this is my fave version)

Paleo banana pancakes

2 bananas
1T coconut flour
2 eggs
1T almond butter (I tried this with peanut butter when I was out of almond butter...not the same but it would do if you're in a crunch)
1t vanilla
1t cinnamon
Coconut oil
Agave nectar

Mix all ingredients together except coconut oil and one of the bananas. Melt some coconut oil in a hot pan and pour a spoonful of batter in the pan  ( if you make your pancakes too thick, they will fall apart. Make sure one side is well done, otherwise they won't flip). This makes about 4 pancakes or one serving, they're very filling.
Cut up the other banana and top pancakes. I like agave nectar on top, but raw maple syrup would do, if you prefer.
They are pretty versatile, you can add nuts or berries, whatever you like. I'm obsessed with these. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I get to be her mama

Baby has her first cold and she is cuddly. I don't mind one bit aside from the not being able to put her down so I can pee part. She is napping, her small body curled against mine. Her impossibly tiny hand, one of my favorite things about her, holding on to mine. The perfect curve of her stuffy little nose, her small lips parted showing off those precious toothless gums that I love. Her lashes, longer and lighter in color now, her soft, downy hair. The little eyebrows that give away every expression on her face. She is perfect. She is not the baby she was a mere months ago,...oh they said the newborn stage is fleeting, but I swear I just blinked. I am sad she is growing so fast, but I also eagerly look forward to the day that those little lips will form the word mama, the day when her downy hair turns into pigtails or when she asks me to braid her hair. She won't be little forever, but she will always be my baby. Thank you, God. Thank You for choosing me to be her mama. I am so blessed.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh, poo!

If I were to write a Dr. Seuss book, it would go something like this:

Looky here, looky there,
Baby poop is everywhere.

On baby's back, and up her neck
How can so much poopy spread?

On mommy's pants, on mommy's shirt,
If you don't pay attention you'll get a squirt.

She poops so much she never tires,
A new outfit it requires.

Looky here, looky there,
Baby poop is everywhere.

P.S. that just happened.
P.P.S. I'm not exaggerating.
P.P.P.S. how can one baby human poop so much?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Halfway there

To my three loyal readers (hi mom!), don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you!! Life's just been busy, that's all.
We're halfway done with our paleo-ish diet!! I can't believe we've stuck with it for two weeks already!! It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be until a couple of days ago, right before the half-way mark. But, only two more weeks to go! I  can do this. The hardest thing in the beginning was figuring out what to eat. Now I don't even meal plan anymore. I stick some sort of vegetable with a meat, and we have a meal. Not much to it when you can't use half the ingredients in the pantry. I haven't missed bread or rice or potatoes as much as I thought I would, which is interesting considering I lived off that stuff.
The most surprising aspect of this has been the hunger. That was one of my main concerns in the beginning because I've always associated it as diet = hunger.
But I can eat one small meal a day along with breakfast and a snack and be totally fine! Full, even.
There have been some recipes I've tried that have worked, others were mediocre, and one was so terrible that I could barely get through it. (paleo-leans or whatever you call yourselves, you've royally screwed up "meatza")
I have lost some weight, although for me this journey has been more about cutting out processed foods than weight loss, and Husband wants to wait the full month before weighing himself.
All in all, what I learned is that it's super easy to "cut the crap" so to say, and I will continue to cook like this even after our diet is over.
Will I ever eat a grain again?
Please, if you know me at all, you know I can't stay away from a warm baked potato topped with melty butter and sour cream.
But I saw a quote the other day that struck me:
"It's not what you do some of the time, it's what you do most of the time."

If I apply that to food, I'll have a good base for healthy eating without having to torture myself watching other people eat cake.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Caution, bottle may explode

In my quest to be greener, I came across the many benefits and uses of coconut oil (in food and cosmetics). The information is available for you on many sites and blogs, but I won't list anything I personally haven't tried myself.
One of the uses is shaving cream, so I decided to try it out.
However, first I took a look at my store-bought shaving cream and the bottle said:

"Pure and Natural"
"Dye and Fragrance Free"
"Moisturizing Eucalyptus Oil"

That doesn't sound so bad, right?
 "Caution, bottle may explode"

Wait, what?

 I decided to investigate the ingredients list a little further which you'll find at the end of this post.

Now on to the good stuff. I took some coconut oil into the shower, mixed it with water and slathered it on my legs. And then... ouch! This was like dry shaving. I sucked it up and shaved the rest of my leg, and by the time I started on my other leg, it went much smoother.
That is because coconut oil turns into a liquid at warm temperatures, so I just had to let it sit a little longer.
My legs were silky smooth when I got out and didn't have an "oily" feeling. Normally, they are so dry and itchy, but now they are baby skin smooth!  Coconut oil is also a moisturizer).
The only negative is that it really plugged up my razor and will probably make it dull quicker. But, that's a small price to pay in exchange for getting all of those toxins off my body (and the ridiculous cost of shaving cream).
I'm a coconut oil novice, but I can't wait to see what else it can do for me.

Here is the ingredient list along with what I found the effects on your body are (for the particular brand I have at home). Feel free to use the info, but please link back to me if you do.

Palmitic acid - alters central nervous system, disrupts the hormone insulin.

Triethanolamine - slight irritant, was shown to increase liver cancer in mice

Stearic acid - a fatty acid with many uses. Long exposure to large amounts increases risk of cancer.

Isopentane - Highly flammablae and volatile. Passes through skin. Can cause headache, nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, irritate throat and lungs, drying and cracking of skin, may affect liver, heart, central nervous system.

PTFE - also used in non-stick cookware. Linked with cancer and thyroid disease.

PEG-90M and PEG-23M - little info available. Moderate organ system toxicity.

hydroxyethylcellulose - mild skin reaction.

Sorbitol - Ingesting causes multiple problems, couldn't find info for topical effects.

Isobutane - "generally recognized as safe"

Lavandula and Eucalyptus oil - lavender and eucalyptus oil .. I'm guessing not in their natural form.

And I've been putting this on my skin. Scary.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Why Nursing School prepared me for Motherhood

Nurses. You can't teach empathy or care or smart, so we all know that nurses go to nursing school to learn how to hold their bladder during a 12 hour shift.
During clinicals, we were all scared of the instructor and eager to please that we wouldn't dare ask to use the bathroom until lunch. Then there's our first job, a fresh, new nurse who doesn't want to miss anything, and follows her trainer eagerly all day long. We only pee when our trainer pees, and she's a seasoned nurse so she doesn't. After all that...bladder of steel, my friends.
But, never did I think that nursing school would prepare me for motherhood.

Here is my day today:

(6a.m. Baby gets up, husband up with baby..I'm slightly awake and aware I have to pee, but don't dare get up from my peaceful hour of sleep I'm about to get)

7 a.m. - feels like 6:05. Husband brings screaming, starving child in. Attach, doze off.

8 a.m. - husband leaves for work. Get up, brush teeth, make coffee, PEE.

9 a.m. - feeling like I need to pee but baby is hungry so I will feed her first. Feed baby. Baby falls asleep.

10:30 - Baby wakes up. Change diaper, make mental note to go pee. Set baby down. Baby ignores 38493 toys on floor and goes for (insert unsafe item here). Wrangle baby.

11:00 - Baby is being cute, giggling, squealing. We play.

12 p.m. - Put baby in bouncer so I can pee. Remember that I forgot to eat. Make food.

12:15 - Take one bite. Baby is crying, feed baby.

12:45 - Set fussy baby down. Inhale cold food in Olympic record time. Pick fussy baby up. Make mental note to go pee once sheis calmed down.

1:15 - Baby falls asleep.

2:30 - Aww, she must have been really tired, she'll get up soon so I can pee.

3:41 - Holy shit, how is this kid still sleeping?

3:43 - Occupy self with blogging so I don't have to think about peeing. Look forward to baby waking up and my bladder throwing a party. Remember that I will have to feed and change her first when she wakes up. Throw away all dreams of ever peeing again.

Thank you nursing school.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Well it's a new year, and as always I make a resolution to eat healthier and exercise. As always, this falls to the wayside by January 2nd. Exercising has never been my thing, no matter what I try. Doing videos at home alone is a bore, and gym memberships are too expensive. Even when I lived in an apartment and we had a free gym available to us 20 feet from our complex, I'd always make excuses as to why I couldn't make it down there... "it's too cold to walk there, it's dumb to drive around the corner, it's too hot to walk there, my show is on,...etc..."
As you know, my eating habits haven't been the best, and my goal was to incorporate one healthy meal a week to start out. But since it's the new year I figured what the heck, we'll (by we I mean I'm dragging my husband into this kicking and screaming) just do a 30 healthy eating challenge. I keep hearing all of these great things about the Paleo diet so we're going to try that out. ..kind of ... we're doing the 30 day Paleo-ish diet. I'll cut out all grains  (rice, bread, taco shells, etc....pretty much my entire pantry), as well as potatoes. OH, potatoes!! If nutritionally possible, I would live off of potatoes alone. I don't know how my poor potato eating soul is going to survive this, but that's the point of a challenge, right?
The reason I added the "ish" at the end is because we are not cutting out dairy, and we will be limiting sugar rather than eliminating it.
I just finished our meal planning for the month, and am excited to embark on this challenge starting Sunday. Wish me luck!! I'll blog about our progress.
Did you make any New Year's resolutions?