Thursday, January 3, 2013


Well it's a new year, and as always I make a resolution to eat healthier and exercise. As always, this falls to the wayside by January 2nd. Exercising has never been my thing, no matter what I try. Doing videos at home alone is a bore, and gym memberships are too expensive. Even when I lived in an apartment and we had a free gym available to us 20 feet from our complex, I'd always make excuses as to why I couldn't make it down there... "it's too cold to walk there, it's dumb to drive around the corner, it's too hot to walk there, my show is on,...etc..."
As you know, my eating habits haven't been the best, and my goal was to incorporate one healthy meal a week to start out. But since it's the new year I figured what the heck, we'll (by we I mean I'm dragging my husband into this kicking and screaming) just do a 30 healthy eating challenge. I keep hearing all of these great things about the Paleo diet so we're going to try that out. ..kind of ... we're doing the 30 day Paleo-ish diet. I'll cut out all grains  (rice, bread, taco shells, etc....pretty much my entire pantry), as well as potatoes. OH, potatoes!! If nutritionally possible, I would live off of potatoes alone. I don't know how my poor potato eating soul is going to survive this, but that's the point of a challenge, right?
The reason I added the "ish" at the end is because we are not cutting out dairy, and we will be limiting sugar rather than eliminating it.
I just finished our meal planning for the month, and am excited to embark on this challenge starting Sunday. Wish me luck!! I'll blog about our progress.
Did you make any New Year's resolutions?

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