Monday, December 24, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like ....a mess

It's baby's first Christmas and I wanted to delve into tradition. I was ready to incorporate Christmas-y goodness, things that my daughter will do with her children one day. One of these traditions was baking and leaving milk and cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve. I usually make a wide array of Christmas cookies and wrap them up nice to give to family members.
But as you know it's tough to make Ramen noodles with a baby, let alone bake a batch of cookies. I bought cookie mix (i know.. but it said "homemade cookies" on the bag...) and had nearly forgotten about them.
The other day my cousin called and said she wanted to bake brownies.  I remembered the cookie mix and we decided to bust that out as well.
Seeing as she is nearly 6 months pregnant and I have a 4 1/2 month old... well... let's just say our brain cells aren't necessarily functioning in their highest capacity right now...

I should have known by the way we started out... I put the brownie mix in a 9x13 pan.
Me: Uhm... are you sure this isn't supposed to go in a smaller pan?
Cousin: Oh, oops, I guess it is ..but trust me i've done this before, they'll just be super thin.

On to the cookies...
I read the directions for the cookie mix and it calls for a stick of butter and an egg. Mix together. Idiot proof right?
We wanted to cut the cookies into cute little shapes though but the batter was so sticky. I look at the bag again and it says:

"If you want to make cookies into shapes, use 1/3 less butter and add a tablespoon of flour."

Oops again... but we'll just add two tablespoons of flour and it'll be alright. It was still such a terribly sticky mess... So we add a few more tablespoons of flour..

adding flour...

Then we had a brilliant idea! Why don't we make it into one big cookie and then we'll cut the shapes out after!!!
yep. this happened.

Needless to say they didn't turn out, and tasted strangely like flour. My cousin texted me after this debacle and said: "I'm baking some homemade cookies and bringing them over so that your husband doesn't think any of this was my fault."

Sorry Santa......

Merry Christmas to all,

and to all a good night!

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