Saturday, December 22, 2012

I smell poison

Boy did I just get a swift kick in the behind from the Living Green Fairy!

Let me just tell you about my array of cleaning products... I have a ton and they are all terrible life-sucking, cancer-causing bottles of doom. I decided I was going to make my own cleaner (and I did), but that I wasn't going to throw anything else out until it's been used up. Why waste it right?

So Husband started cleaning the kitchen sink a moment ago, and I hear him hacking out a lung like an 90 year old life-long smoker. He comes in the living room, takes a big breath, and says "man that stuff is strong."
I knew he was going to use it and I didn't stop him. Here's the thing..we have hard water, so after a while our sink will start to have rust stains on it. It's made out of I have no idea what really, but it's not metal or ceramic, so it takes a harsher chemical to get out the rust stains.

Then my throat started to burn... the smell started permeating the entire house. And then a nightmare-ish thought hit me... we wash our baby's bottles in this sink!! And he was cleaning the surrounding area where the bottles are sitting... And stuff is probably spraying everywhere without him even knowing it! I'M LETTING MY BABY DRINK POISON!

Baby and I escaped into another room and I yelled, "we're never using this crap again!" as my husband shook his head.
This is what we consider good cleaners?! It's really not cleaning anything. It's eating my sink, causing it to suffocate, and die a slow death. Disgusting.

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