Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I get to be her mama

Baby has her first cold and she is cuddly. I don't mind one bit aside from the not being able to put her down so I can pee part. She is napping, her small body curled against mine. Her impossibly tiny hand, one of my favorite things about her, holding on to mine. The perfect curve of her stuffy little nose, her small lips parted showing off those precious toothless gums that I love. Her lashes, longer and lighter in color now, her soft, downy hair. The little eyebrows that give away every expression on her face. She is perfect. She is not the baby she was a mere months ago,...oh they said the newborn stage is fleeting, but I swear I just blinked. I am sad she is growing so fast, but I also eagerly look forward to the day that those little lips will form the word mama, the day when her downy hair turns into pigtails or when she asks me to braid her hair. She won't be little forever, but she will always be my baby. Thank you, God. Thank You for choosing me to be her mama. I am so blessed.

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