Sunday, February 10, 2013

Challenge update

Our 30 day diet challenge ended about a week ago and I'm happy to report the results: husband lost 14 pounds and I lost 7 (darn men!)
But the best part of it is that we actually continue to eat the Paleo way most of the time. Yes, it's only been a week since we've finished and I understand most diets soon fall to the wayside, but for
 us the benefit has been huge. I personally have more energy, feel fuller longer, and obviously the weight loss has been a bonus. I actually cheated about two days before the diet ended (husband ate my lunch ...sabotage?) and had myself a bowl of pasta. The entire time it was cooking, my little carbohydrate loving heart was sighing sounds of love and endearment ...and then.... It didn't taste so good..and it made my stomach hurt...and I was hungry a mere hour later. Drats!

Here's a quickie recipe for my go to breakfast and quick lunch :
(There's a few varieties of this recipe floating around the Internet, but I tweaked a few things and this is my fave version)

Paleo banana pancakes

2 bananas
1T coconut flour
2 eggs
1T almond butter (I tried this with peanut butter when I was out of almond butter...not the same but it would do if you're in a crunch)
1t vanilla
1t cinnamon
Coconut oil
Agave nectar

Mix all ingredients together except coconut oil and one of the bananas. Melt some coconut oil in a hot pan and pour a spoonful of batter in the pan  ( if you make your pancakes too thick, they will fall apart. Make sure one side is well done, otherwise they won't flip). This makes about 4 pancakes or one serving, they're very filling.
Cut up the other banana and top pancakes. I like agave nectar on top, but raw maple syrup would do, if you prefer.
They are pretty versatile, you can add nuts or berries, whatever you like. I'm obsessed with these. Enjoy!

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