Thursday, February 28, 2013

Revenge of the Spider

Remember THIS?
Yea, well, I think some family member came to avenge spidey.
I'm sitting on the couch trying to put baby to sleep and see something out of the corner of my eye...
I look up, and there is a spider, hanging by it's filthy little thread, staring right at me, coming down onto my face.
I scream, and jump as fast as I can off the couch and what does Husband do? ...He ducks!
He's saying "what? what?" as he is ducking and COVERING HIS HEAD!
Me: There's a spider!
Husband: still ducking... "where?"
Me: Coming down from the ceiling. Get a paper towel.
Husband: STILL ducking ...
Me: GO! Why are you ducking like somebody just dropped a bomb on the house?
Husband: Well I don't know, I thought I was getting shot at or something!


Needless to say, spidey met his maker that day, too.

Husband: Only you would have a spider drop on your head out of nowhere.

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