Tuesday, October 23, 2012

8 legs too many

We were heading out of the house today and husband was putting baby in the carseat while i was getting my shoes on. I was going to carry baby out to the car while he got his shoes on. As I lifted up the handle of the carseat I came face to face with a massive, elephantine, formidable, hair-raising arachnoid. ::shudder::

I glared at him with my two eyes, and he glared back at me with his six. He wins.
"husbaaaand. spider! on the baby..car seat..! spider! hurry!" I shriek while jumping from leg to leg. Finally, after what seems like minutes, husband meanders over: "where?"
"RIGHT THERE!" ..husband stands there and inspects spider. "what in the world are you doing??!! go get a paper towel and kill it!"
The spider snickers and taunts me as he saunters around my sweet baby's car seat handle, probably depositing 34,000 of its offspring. ewgh! Just you wait, I think. After the spider is finally gone, husband says: "glad you saved the baby." ooooh shut up!

(for the record, baby was never in any danger, and I held my hands over her face so that spidey wouldn't eat her cute little button nose...! also, I may overreact a bit).

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