Saturday, October 20, 2012

Healthy Eating

We are making progress with this whole healthier eating thing. We had french fries and brats for dinner tonight.
 I rarely have time to make dinner, my husband and vegetables are like oil and water, and lately he has been taking care of filling our bellies while I tend to the little one. So normally our dinners consist of something quick, and quick tends to be synonymous with unhealthy.. maybe it doesn't have to be? So why doesn't he take care of baby while I make dinner? Weeeelll, I have this aversion to handling raw meat (that I reaaallly need to get over) and hubby just finishes dinner once he's started. To me eating healthy has always seemed "hard."Or maybe it isn't and it's just unknown territory. Either way, I'm determined to turn our eating habits around. I figured it would be too much to just purge everything out of our pantry, so I will try to implement at least one healthy meal in my meal plan for the week. Sounds easy enough? The problem is I need it to be quick, healthy, and husband friendly. I don't want to get rid of alll the "good stuff" either, I have a guilty pleasure for nice, wholesome comfort food. And since I don't know how to cook healthy (or how to cook much of anything, ahem), this will require some research on my part.
I'll start with my meal plan for this coming week, wish me luck, I'll be posting an update!

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  1. well for starters, how about looking into your momma's food blog and get healthy ideas? (hint, hint) :)
    Love you!