Saturday, March 9, 2013

5 easy ways to be a little greener

I am never going to become that person that doesn't use toilet paper (but kudos to you if you don't). I feel like evolution at least gave me that much. But, we've screwed up. And, it's going to take hard work to take care of this one beautiful Earth.
Here's some easy, quick ways to be a little greener. 

1. Use less paper towels. My husband is a paper towel fanatic and it's a hard habit to break I admit. I cringe every time I buy them, alas because of the price mostly, but still. I spend five bucks on some nice dish rags, and try to use those whenever possible. I do keep some on hand for the really yucky messes, and until husband stops going through withdrawals.

2. Take totes to the store. This one is so easy, yet I'd always forget to bring them!! Now I stash them in my pantry, so I know to grab them when I'm making my list before I go to the store. I noticed they can put all my groceries in four totes, but if they use plastic bags, it takes about twenty. Terrible! 

3. Buy less processed foods. Ok, this one may be easier said than done, but I have noticed a HUGE difference in the amounts of packaging I'm not throwing away anymore.

4. Use less produce bags. You know those little plastic bags you put your produce in at the store? I only use them if I have something to get weighed. I actually saw someone put bananas in a plastic bag today. What a waste. I used them for apples and plums today, but also bought a lemon, avocado, and grapes and left them out. If I'm only buying one of something (onion, garlic, etc.) I leave them out. 

5. Repurpose. Keep empty containers to use for different things. Especially if you're making a lot of your own things, keep that old lotion bottle, deodorant stick, etc. and use them to fill with your homemade lotions and potions :)

What are some quick things you do to stay green?

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