Sunday, November 25, 2012

A setback

I was reading an article today about unsafe foods. Microwave popcorn was on the list, just don't tell my best friend, she thinks it's a food group.
I always thought of popcorn as a light, low-cal snack that I indulge in every once in a while. Apparently the stuff from the bag leaches into the popcorn.. and you see where this is going..
Ok, so popcorn may not be the best choice, but tomatoes? Tomatoes are incredible for you and I love them in just about every form. I don't can my own tomatoes (who has time for that?) but I thought I was doing something good for my family by making my own tomato sauce. It's rare, but when I have time I've made it for pasta, sloppy joes, and even my ratatouille.
Well, apparently I've been poisoning us instead. The acidity from the tomatoes makes the stuff from the can soak into them and stays in your body for years affecting your hormones. Wonderful.
I sat here getting angry, thinking, "is nothing safe anymore????" "Why am I even trying?? Does it really matter? But everyone else uses them." etc. etc....
I was ready to give up on it all and go chew on some plastic, but as I went on feeling sorry for myself I realized I will never be perfect, and the point is to make better choices, not live in the woods.
So on a scale of eating ramen noodles to composting in my backyard, I strive to be somewhere in the middle. I want to know what is going into my body and into my home. I know I will never be able to get rid of everything bad and toxic, but I will do the best I can for my family, and most importantly, my daughter.

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  1. it IS a food group! vegetable goodness, to be exact.
    it's how Jesus reminds us he loves us. and bacon.