Thursday, November 8, 2012


I was nursing baby and she was just about to fall asleep when BEEP! ...what in the world is that?! It sounded like it came from the kitchen. Another minute later, BEEP. Ugh, this is going to have to be investigated. Baby is still nursing and if I put her down, she will scream like she hasn't eaten in 4 days. So I get up, baby to boob and walk around the house.. shockingly none of this phased her. BEEP. I text husband to call me, and he doesn't right away.
Doesn't he know this is an emergency? So I call his work.
Husband: what's up.
Me: The house is..BEEP.. beeping, hear that? Is it the smoke detector?
Husband: Probably low on battery. Change it.

This requires climbing on a chair so I put baby down since she is half-way asleep at this point. BEEP.  As husband is walking me through what to do WAAAH! hold on I say, let me get the pacifier. BEEP. Uh..... oh, geez!

Eventually I took the dang thing down and switched out the battery and as it's sitting in my hands BEEP.

The previous homeowner was a fireman so there is a fire alarm about every 7 inches throughout the house.
Shoot, I got the wrong one.
Husband says there's one in the office, one in the nursery, and one in our bedroom as well.
I go in the office and BEEP. AH-HA! Gotcha, sucker. Took it down, took out the battery, BEEP!
You've gotta be kidding me. Third time is the charm I guess.
I go to put the other two back, and can't figure out how to screw them back into the wall. Husband, this is now your project. I hope the house doesn't burn down while we're napping.

Here is the incriminating evidence.

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