Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just a dab of formaldehyde

Way before I was pregnant, I dreamed of all things mama. I perused the aisles of the baby section imagining all the things I would get my little one. For some reason, the one thing  I couldn't wait to use was all the divine smelling baby shampoo that was sure to make my little one smell heavenly. Oh, Johnson and Johnson, you tease! I got about 6 or so bottles of J&J shampoo, lotion, and body wash. When I delivered baby, her first bath in the hospital was given by the nurse who used Johnson and Johnson products on my little one. Mmmm, I could eat her right up.
A few weeks later I was perusing the internet and noticed an article saying that J&J baby products contained carcinogens. Surely, not! They are  reputable, well-known, and most popular among baby products. And, what doesn't have carcinogens in it these days? Even the air we breathe does. I didn't think much more about it until I came across another article a few days later from Johnson and Johnson addressing the issue...stating they will slowly phase carcinogens out of baby 2015. Whaaat? One of the carcinogens in question? Formaldehyde!!! You know, the stuff that preserves that precious frog you're cutting up in science class! The stuff that has a BIOHAZARD sticker on it, saying "do not get on skin." 
ohhh, is that why baby skin is wrinkle free?
There are other questionable, carcinogenic ingredients as well.
You see, maybe it used to be "johnson and johnson - a family company" but is now  a multi-million dollar fortune 500 corporate giant that continues to expand globally and produces "pharmaceutical, diagnostic, surgical, biotechnology, and personal care products." To me this would signify a loss of quality control. ( This is my personal opinion. Don't send me any angry e-mails.)

Anywhooooo, my point is this: What am I putting on my child's skin?
I started using California Baby (organic), and so far have been happy. Baby's skin is happy, and although it doesn't smell like J&J baby shampoo, it still makes my baby smell good, and it's good for her!
Recently they have re-formulated some of their products ( I had already bought mine before I found this out) which caused some ruckus in the mom community.

One of the culprits is sodium benzoane. California Baby claims that it is certified for use in organic products, and I say, I will pick my battles. Formaldehyde, anyone?
That being said, there has been some more controversy regarding the new ingredients which I won't get into here, and I will probably make a switch to something else once I run out/

Resources: I use their ratings (with a grain of salt) when purchasing products, as well as She is amazing, and my go to for better alternatives. Check out her Cheat Sheets.

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